Days of Special Meaning:  A common phrase seen throughout shared parenting plans signifying dates of importance to either or both parents who will raise their children in separate homes. Usually refers to birthdays, holidays, etc.  To some, these days are more important than others.  To some, all days are days of special meaning.

Jenny is a 30-something Connecticut transplant originally from Cleveland, Ohio living with her son, Sam.  In addition to watching the world through the eyes of a little boy, Jenny works in the healthcare field and when time permits, enjoys writing, traveling, trying new libations, practicing yoga, watching football and baseball, going to concerts, and listening to music.  She is strong in her Catholic faith, likes anything having to do with spending time with the people who make her laugh, loves conversations that last hours, and enjoys giving to the people in her life, whether it’s kindness in a card, a bag of clothes she doesn’t wear anymore, or a ride to or from the airport.  If she really likes you, she’ll take you to AND from.

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